What Is The Best Day To Attend A Comic Book Convention?

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Depending on the comic book convention, you’ll most likely have to choose what day or days to attend. Smaller cons might take place over one or two days, while larger conventions might take place over four days. Every day will be a little different, with a unique set of guests and panels.

The good news is that no matter what day you attend, there are always a lot of great things to see and do. The bad news is that the convention may not release a full schedule of events until after tickets are already sold-out.

Hopefully the rest of this post will help you to choose the best day to attend a comic book convention.

Why Thursday or Friday Is The Best Day To Attend Comic Con

Thursday and Friday are both work days, so daytime attendance won’t be as heavy as a weekend. These days are great opportunities to hit up the show floor and pick up any exclusive merchandise that might sell out quickly.

These days are also the best if you’d like to avoid crowds and spend time talking with creators in Artist Alley.

Why Thursday or Friday Is The Worst Day To Attend Comic Con

Most of the bigger panels and events are scheduled for the weekend.

Thursday may not be a full day. Some conventions start later in the day, in what is sometimes called Preview Night.

Why Saturday Is The Best Day To Attend Comic Con

As mentioned earlier, not all days are the same. Saturday is typically the best day for guests and panels. Conventions schedule the big names for Saturday since this is the day most people have off from work.

Saturday will also feature the most cosplayers, media coverage and free swag.
If you want to see a comic con in all of it’s funsanity, then Saturday is the day to go.

Why Saturday Is The Worst Day To Attend Comic Con

With Saturday being the biggest day for the A-List guests and panels, this also makes it the most crowded day at the con. Even though conventions will sell the same number of passes for each day, attendees are more likely to spend all day at the convention on a Saturday, making it much more crowded.

Be prepared to stand in line for panels, food, bathrooms, celebrities and just to walk through the show floor.

Why Sunday Is The Best Day To Attend Comic Con

Many conventions denote Sunday as Kid’s Day. A good chunk of the scheduling will feature family friendly material.

Sunday is also a great opportunity to score some deals. Vendors will be looking to make some last minute sales to lighten their load when they break down their booths, so get ready to haggle.

Why Sunday Is The Worst Day To Attend Comic Con

Many conventions denote Sunday as Kid’s Day. We’re not judging here but dealing with a bunch of children in a crowded convention may not be your idea of fun.

Also, since it’s the last day of the convention, the convention will not run as late as it does on Friday or Saturday and many celebrities and creators might be heading out early.


One setback to choosing the best day to attend comic con is the fact that sometimes you cannot choose when to go. Once the badges are released, Saturday sells out fast (for the reasons listed above), followed by the remaining days. By the time you get through, you may not have your first choice in availability.

That being said, comic con is still a great event to attend. From the experiences to the crowd, it’s just awesome.

If you have FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s best to just buy a four-day pass. This is because no matter when you go, even on Saturday, you have to miss out on something in order to experience something else.

So, to sum it all up, if you have to select an ideal day to attend the con, Saturday is generally the best day. If you can’t get a Saturday badge or you really hate crowds, you’re still in luck. There are no bad days at the con and good things go on each and every day.


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