How Do Autograph Signings Work?

How Do Autograph Signings Work? - Leveled Up Dads

One of my favorite things about attending comic book conventions is meeting my favorite writers, artists and actors. It gives me a warm tingly feeling inside when I get to tell them how much their work means to me and it feels even better when they appreciate their fanbase.

Even though chatting with your heroes is great in itself, I also love to collect their autographs (and maybe even ask for a selfie with them). If you’re new to the comic con scene or you haven’t gotten into autograph collecting yet, this post will help you figure out the process. Autograph signings happen at various places throughout a con, so I’ll try to cover all the bases.

Booth Signings

Many booths will have scheduled signings. Large companies will have autograph signings throughout the convention, with a rotating panel of writers and artists. These are typically free, though you may be limited to a certain number of autographs and you may have to get in line early or show up first thing in the morning to get a wristband.

Smaller companies will also have autograph signings at their booths, though these may be free with a purchase or paid signings.

Prior to a convention, most booths will release their signing schedule and process online. The conventions also do a great job of listing out the different autograph sessions available, so be sure to check their website, app or planner.

Signing Area

Most conventions will have an area dedicted to celebrities. This is where you go to meet your favorite star and pay for a photo with the or their autograph. These are almost always limited to one autograph per fee, though you’re welcome to buy extras. They may also offer a discount for buying both a photo and an autograph.

Like other autograph opportunities, these are scheduled out in advance, so check out their website, app or planner to find out when the signings are taking place. Even though you’re paying for this experience, be prepared to wait in line for more popular celebrities.

Artist Alley

Visiting Artist Alley is a great way to get a lot of autographs in a small amount of time. Many of the writers and artists there will sign for free, while some charge and others will sign anything you purchase from them. Most of the time, the artists are paying for their own table, so they’ll charge a small fee to recoup that cost. Again, the more popular the artist or writer, the longer their line will be.

Autograph Sessions

Autograph sessions are a group signing, usually set up around a TV show or movie. Most of the main characters and creators are lined up at one table where they’ll sign a free poster or any single item you brought with you.

These sessions are usually either free or they are given away as a contest. For the free ones, be prepared to get there early and wait in line, as these tend to be very crowded.


There are plenty of ways to get an autograph at Comic Con, so get your convention supplies and go out there and get some autographs!


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