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Have you ever noticed that in nearly every time travel story, somebody always mentions how making even the smallest change in the past could result in massive changes in the present? Everybody knows this about time travel, but not many people think about how making small changes today could lead to big changes in their future.

Welcome to Leveled Up Dads. This blog will cover topics smaller in scale, intended to be minor changes that can lead to a larger impact on and in your life.

This will be a mix of tips and information for Dads to level up their lives. I won’t be tackling much parenting advice here, but you can plan on seeing plenty of other areas covered with actionable steps to level up.

I’ll be covering my interests and even areas to make some side income (Print On Demand, Digital Downloads, and more).

Stay tuned for some great content and if you’re interested, sign up for our mailing list on the sidebar.


I'm just a Dad trying to help other Dads level up their lives. I like comic books (and comic con!), coffee, creative outlets, and making extra money.

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