11 Best Comic Con Tips For First Time Attendees

11 Best Comic Con Tips - Leveled Up Dads

If you’re getting ready to attend your first comic book convention, then this list is perfect for you! I’ve put together my 11 best comic con tips for attending your first con.

What To Wear To Comic Con

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothing. This is probably the most important tip for attending your first comic con, and should be obvious, but is often overlooked. Wear comfortable shoes, socks and clothing.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so aside from being comfortable, you might want to also make sure your shoes are broken in.

You also want to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures. The walk to the convention hall might be a little chilly or wet. The line for the panels and the show floor might be hot. Layers are your friend.

Bring Your Convention Supplies

I’ve already written about convention supplies but it’s important to keep in mind. If you want to save some money, you can do so by purchasing your supplies ahead of time. Some recommended items are a comic book folio case to protect your books, plastic sleeves or an art book to protect prints or other artwork, a poster tube for your posters, and bags and boards for any comics you might buy.

Get A Comfortable Backpack

Sure you can use any backpack, but it’s nice to have a few compartments so you can separate your supplies. You may want to keep valuables tucked away from the sections you’ll be accessing often and it may help keep you organized by separating items you have to get signed from new items you just bought.

Padded straps are also a must. I would also avoid shoulder bags as they put all of the weight onto one shoulder. It’s better to split up that load across both shoulders.

Bring Snacks and Water

You can save yourself a lot of money by bringing your own snacks. This also comes in handy when you’re in line for a panel or an autograph signing. Bring a few bottles of water and some non-perishable snacks like granola bars or pretzels

Be Prepared For Bad Weather

Rain can ruin your fun. Not only could it impact your walk to the convention, it could also wreak havoc on anything you buy at the con. I always bring ziplock bags, plastic grocery store bags, a mini umbrella and a one-time-use poncho. You can never be too prepared.

Always Have A Few Good Markers

This could probably go under supplies but it’s important enough to stand on it’s own. If you’re in line for an autograph, the signer will have markers, but they may not have the markers you want. If it’s a black sharpie, you’re covered. If not, then plan ahead and bring your own. These are also important in case you bump into someone outside of their booth or signing table.

Make A List and Learn The Layout

Before you get to the comic con, you should have a list of the main booths and people you want to see, as well as their location. You may want to take this a step further and also figure out their signing times, as a lot of artists will bounce between their tables, panels and booths.

While you’re preparing, also get an idea for the layout of the convention. Many will have separate sections for artists, photo ops, signings, panels, and the show floor.

Have A Backup Phone Battery

Let’s face it, as good as some smartphone batteries are, they never have enough juice. You can find some good portable chargers for under $30 with attachments for both Android and iPhone. You don’t want to be without your phone when a great photo opportunity pops up.

Bring Some Return Address Labels

This is one of my top secret Comic Con tips. A lot of booths will have contests or signup lists. It’s a lot easier to peel and stick a label then it is to write out your contact information at every booth. Buy a set of printable labels and your life will be a whole lot easier. I like to print some with just my name and email address and have another set with my full address as well.

Stay Healthy

Con Crud is real. It’s normal for con-goers to get sick after comic con. Long hours combined with a lot of germs can lead to you getting Con Crud. Bring some hand sanitizer with you (and use it!), drink plenty of water and wash your hands whenever you can. A little effort can go a long way to keep you from getting sick.

Bring A First Aid Kit

Band-Aids and Aspirin are the minimum here but you may want to bring some larger bandages for blisters and any other medications you may need. Allergy medicine and antacids are probably a good idea too.


Hopefully this list of Comic Con tips for first time attendees was helpful.


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